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I've bought of lot of stuff off the internet, especially for our dog, this product is better than awesome. It works great and our dog loves the cool water. Thanks for such a great product!
- Jess Collins
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Donation-2   Association of German Shepard Rescuers - 501 (c)(3) non-profit. Tax ID 20-3455479
3600   FrostyBowlz 14 oz. Chilled Cat Bowl
3620   FrostyBowlz 14 oz. Chilled Cat Bowl 2-PACK
4600   FrostyBowlz 14-oz Cat Bowl (Case of 8)
3500   FrostyBowlz 28 oz. Chilled Dog Bowl
3520   FrostyBowlz 28 oz. Chilled Pet Bowl 2-PACK
4500   FrostyBowlz 28 oz. Dog Bowl (Case of 8)
4513   FrostyBowlz 48 oz. Large Dog Bowl - Dealer 2-Pack
4001   FrostyCore Spare Inserts (Case of 8)
Donation-1   Pet Project Foundation - 501 (c)(3) non-profit. Tax ID 33-0030634

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